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Hello Friend,

My vision for Beautifully Coastal  is a place of friendship and community where like minded, coastal loving, friends can stop by and see the beautifully coastal spaces and places I’ve found in the blogosphere, as well as the things I’m designing and creating myself.  I hope you come to Beautifully Coastal for your daily dose of Vitamin Sea.

And, of course, I love your comments  – truly I do!  It’s one of my favorite things about blogging — hearing what you think of the things I’m loving — but sometimes you just need to tell me (or ask me) something that isn’t quite right for a comment.  That’s what the form below is for.

Don’t be shy.  I love when you pop in and invite me over to your place when you’re “house proud” — and if cake is included — all the better.  Just so you know.

So what am I really saying?  I love having you here.  I love visiting you at your place — don’t forget the cake (wink).  I love connecting with you.  I want to be your coastal friend!

C’mon, let’s get the party started!  Simply complete the contact form below and “hit” submit.  It’s just that simple :)

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