Surfer Chic 60′s Style Beach House

surfer chic beach cottage in orange, turquoise, coral, bright colors

This beach house, designed by Mona Ross Berman,  is pure fantastical fun with bold, energizing colors who’s inspiration sprang from the wild geometric pattern on the ’60s-style dining room tabletop. What’s fun about this idea is you could do it yourself … on a budget!  The tabletop (pictured above) is lacquered in Chemcraft’s Plasticolor White. The yellow stripe is St. Elmo’s Fire, the orange is Fresno, and the turquoise is Burbank Blue, all from Benjamin Moore.

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (3)

Berman based her palette on the orange, yellow, turquoise, and white tabletop. "In a summer home you have greater license to have fun, be irreverent. The 'surfer' part is a laid-back feeling. The 'chic' is taking all those elements and distilling them in a new way." We could do this! Also, note the bold yellow trim on the white drapes -- another easy, budget friendly, no-sew idea that ads a big impact!

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (2)

Keeping the walls and fireplace white makes it easy to use all these bright colors and bold patterns together and bring life to this room.

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (11)

The kitchen has a timeless quality about it, with a few pops of color to keep things interesting. I love the aqua glass tile on the backsplash and the fun yellow valance. You can also see a bit more of the tabletop; notice the design goes from edge to edge. Again, this is a budget friendly idea that we could do with a flea market or Craigslist table! Paint it, baby ;)

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (7)

Strong color— Benjamin Moore’s Fresno—"keeps the mudroom from looking like your everyday mudroom," Berman says. Notice the Burbank Blue on the oar and the ships wheel. Keeping consistency in color throughout the home not only is great on the budget, but it creates a seamless flow from room to room.

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (6)

Barn doors painted the same bold orange pack a punch in the laundry area. "The doors to the laundry room could have been a lost opportunity—just another pair of white doors," says Berman. "But we felt they shouldn’t be an afterthought. Painting them Fresno orange made them very visible and special. They read as art."

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (8)

Berman used quieter shades of her palette in the guest room. "Even when I don't use the same colors everywhere, I still like the room to feel connected. The bedroom should never feel like it’s in a completely different house from the living room—the whole house has to make sense as one." I love the little bedside table -- an easy flea market find with a few coats of paint and you have instant 60's surfer chic!

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (4)

Katie Ridder's Beetlecat wallpaper gives the boys' room a playful but "not overly cute" feel. Love is in the details and so is design ... notice the anchor on the toy chest ... with the white on white paint, it's barely there, yet speaks volumes when you notice it!

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (1)

"Powder rooms are places where you can gild the lily. We used a loud geometric in a bright ocean blue to give it a slightly over-the-top feeling." Wallpaper is Recessed from Studio Printworks

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (10)

"The master bedroom has a very retro feel to it," Berman says, "with the pink, tangerine, and lavender color palette, the paisley linen, and the zigzag Missoni-esque pattern on the floor." The floor is painted Salmon Berry and White Dove, both by Benjamin Moore. You know how much I love a painted floor! L.O.V.E. and speaking of L.O.V.E., don't you love the artwork above the chest? It says "The coast is clear" and I can't help but think the color palette was the inspiration for this specific bedroom.

surfer chic beach home in bold bright colors (5)

Fermob’s Costa extension table carries turquoise onto the deck. "Pulling off all this color would have been much harder if I had used more colors, and different colors in all the rooms," says Berman. "The fluidity is both calming and celebratory. It says, 'I can relax here and have fun.'"

I love the casual fun of this beach cottage.  It doesn’t appear to be large, but it’s huge on fun!  And though I share with you a lot of gorgeous beach homes — you know the ones that don’t resemble the way many of us actually live — it’s always fun to find inspiration in a home and feel like “I could do that”.  This home has lots of ideas that could translate well to flea market makeovers! Truly a budget friendly decorating inspiration home!

So what about you?  Does this colorful sixties surfer chic beach style get your happy juices flowing? Do you see any ideas you feel like you could and would like to do in your own beach home? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! You know I L.O.V.E. your comments!!!

Peace, Love, and Budget Friendly Fun,


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