Unique Beach Bathroom Sinks & Vanities That Make Me Giddy!

turquoise aqua beautifully coastal bathroom sink on beach

Source for the above amazing vanity.  May I just say I heart, heart, heart that vanity!

bike sink and vanity for the coastal bath
How amazing would this be with a vintage beach cruiser bicycle? Imagine the possibilities with this idea! L.O.V.E.   {Source Unknown}
unique bathroom sink for the beach cottage home
Here’s another “just for the fun of it” kind of beach bathroom. I think the copper pedestal wash basin sink adds unexpected fun!  I’m not sure of the source, but I think I saw it a long time ago on Coastal Living
coastal bath with clam shell sink
Now this bathroom is fun and looks right at home at the beach! The rustic nature of the wood countertop and and planked walls says casually coastal, but the addition of the metallic painted ceiling and upper walls takes it up a notch. I also love how beautifully they integrated the mirror into the design, resulting in a fantastic eye catcher. The clam sink is pure beachy perfection! {Source Unknown}
Elegant clam shell sink and mirrored vanity in beach bath. Shelled Mirror.
Here’s another gorgeous beach bath with a clam shell sink. You can see the clam shell sink doesn’t have to be casual, as it is in the prior image.  This bathroom is all out glamour!  I really love the elegance of the mirrored vanity and just look at the mother of pearl tiled wall and that shell covered mirror! L.O.V.E.


bronze clam shell sink for beach bathroom, rock wall
Okay, one final clam shell sink, this one is bronzed. I love the combination of the rustic river rock wall with the clam shell sink! Uniquely beautiful coastal bathroom — perhaps where the river meets the ocean.  {Source Unknown}
coastal bathroom with aqua turquoise teal tiles and shell covered mirrors
I’ll leave you with this final beautiful coastal bathroom. I love the unique shape of the countertop and shelf, the turquoise tile, the aqua glass vessel sink … and need I even mention the shell covered mirrors? I think not — you know I love shelled anything!


One of the things I love about design is the ability to step away from the normal and create an extraordinary experience in an ordinary space.  Each of these sink/vanity designs fits that bill nicely.

Gee, how many bathrooms could I have in my home… I L.O.V.E. all the designs that much!

So what about you?  Which bath would you most like to see in your beach home — even if that home is as yet imaginary {wink}?

Peace, Love, and Making the Ordinary Extraordinary,

Lesli :)

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